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Boosted Shred Kit with Spicy Thai Soup

Kick-start your healthy diet and put a “spring” in your step!
Follow our healthy living guide for an easy-to-follow calorie controlled plan. 
Make it easier and more healthy with our Acti-Diet products. 
Boosted Shred Kit contains:
1x HydraSlim - 25 day supply 
1x VitFit - 25 day supply 
7x Spicy Thai Soups
Usually:  £45 - $54.50 - $71.50cad
Exclusive VIP offer price: £35 - $41 - $53.50cad 
Offer Exptended until 26th March

Need help with a plan to get the most out of your shred? Our Shred guide takes you through everything  you need. 




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Shipping weight: 38.80 oz.


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