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Duo Eyeshadow

Double up and add depth to your look with our duo eyeshadows. Delicately ground to a silky, smooth texture. Light and easy to apply, with this shadow there are no mistakes, just masterpieces.


Acti-Labs uses three key ingredients for a perfectly smooth and blendable palette:

  • Vitamin E - Used as an anti-inflammatory and to destroy free radicals; also a natural hydrator, adding to the shadows soft and smooth application.
  • Kaolin - A clay base that helps the powder lay smooth and stay in place all day; no caking, no smudges, just beautiful, long-lasting colour.
  • Jojoba - A natural oil extract and nourisher; helps powder have a smooth finish and adds shimmer and shine.



After applying base make-up, start with a small layer of eyeshadow on the lid.

Make sure to start with the lightest colours and clean the brush before changing.

Gently brush the shadows onto the eyes and blend.

Frame your look with our Gel Eyeliner Pencil and finish with a swipe of SkyScraper Mascara.

Collections: Skin-Sync Mineral Makeup
Shipping weight: 1.11 oz.





Colour for Tray 1

Colour for Tray 2

Colour for Tray 3