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About Us

Powered by Nature

We are committed to advancing the science of natural skincare and beauty. Known for our high concentrates of botanicals, nature is preserved as an important part of all Acti-Labs products. Using clinically provenactive ingredients from plants, algae, or the sea which are all carefully selected not only for their efficacy but also for their origin and safety.
To ensure the protection of these and to further improve the bio-availability, we use our advanced & unique micro-encapsulation system. This is a process where the pure active ingredients are protected in a membrane which is then given a positive charge. Skin naturally has a negative charge, so due to this attraction, the micro-capsules are attracted and released into deep cells, stimulating the dermis layer.

Proven by Clinical Trials

We are so confident that our products provide visible, real results that we had them independently clinically proven to give our customers the same confidence that we have. We sent our products off to an independent test company where they were tested on human subjects while conforming to the strict regulations of the European Parliament and of Council to test the efficacy and to clinically prove the results.
The results were astounding, and we're not finished yet, we continuously strive to stay at the forefront of technology, bringing it to you first.

Our Conscience

We're committed to protecting our planet for the generations to come. Our new headquarters are developed as an eco-sustainable centre where natural resources allow the lowering of energy consumption, and a solar power system covers our entire consumption requirements meaning we're literally powered by sunshine. We're very proud that our Laboratory, and staff, received a Government Environment Award for a "low carbon footprint".
We have a recycling contract to deal with everything that enters our facility, be it glass, plastic, or cardboard. Our packaging is 100% recyclable,and wherever possible, we use recyclable materials for everything that leaves our facilities.
Our products are not tested on animals & we do not use any ingredients that are. We prefer to test on humans. We love our furry friends, though we are not a Vegan Brand. We prefer, wherever practical, to use natural ingredients over synthetics.

Parfum "Fragrance" Policy: wherever possible our products are un-scented, however, in order to include sufficient doses of active ingredients into certain products to make them effective, we need to mask the smell of some actives. We only use one Parfum/Fragrance which is especially manufactured for us. Elements of our Parfum/Fragrance are synthetic because the "Natural" alternatives are classified as allergens. Our Parfum/Fragrance is Certified Allergen & Carcinogen Free.

Market Leader in Quality for Value

We are the Laboratories. Manufacturing products for other companies, salons, and spas across the world has given us the experience to know which products customers want and need. We found it most interesting to see the products we had manufactured, being sold to the consumer for around 3 times more. This is why, and how, Acti-Labs was created. We didn't see why consumers needed to pay for all this extra mark-up when they could come directly to laboratories.

We are so confident that we are the market leader in value for quality, that we back it up.

If you currently spend £75/$100/$130cad or more on a single skincare product, we will send you our equivalent for FREE to compare. We believe you'll be converted.