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Contour Shading Palette

Bring out your best features with our powder Contour Palette. This easy to use, four-colour palette has everything you need to craft the perfect chiselled contour and achieve an enviable glow.


The powder easily applies to your foundation, and each colour perfectly complements the others. For more prominent, sculpted cheekbones and a defined but radiant glow to your face, use the Contour Shading Palette in your daily beauty routine.


This palette contains:

  • A light nude powder for highlighting.
  • A white to brighten.
  • A blush to kiss your cheeks with warmth.
  • A dark powder for sculpting.



After applying your make-up base, brush the dark colour under the cheekbones and around the face to frame and augment the bone structure using your Blusher Brush.
Brush the blush powder onto the cheekbones.
Follow with the nude highlighter around the upper cheeks and in the centre of the face (from the forehead to the chin).
You can add brightness under the eyes with the white powder, and accent features.
Finally, blend all colours together for a flawless, beautifully sculpted finish.

Collections: Skin-Sync Mineral Makeup
Shipping weight: 4.15 oz.


Colour for Tray 1

Colour for Tray 2

Colour for Tray 3