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Perfect Pins and a Free TShirt

Dare to bare after a scrub, rub and polish.

Bring the spa home with these 3 essential summer body care products. Follow the simple regime below, and team your Limited Edition Acti-Labs Tee with your favourite short-shorts.

Perfect pins, supermodel glow!

1x Back-to-Basics Body Scrub
1x Marine Collagen Body Lotion
1x Silk Stockings Dry Shimmer Oil
1x FREE Limited Edition Acti-Labs T-Shirt

Step 1.
In the shower or bath, massage Back to Basics Body Scrub all over the skin. Allow to sit for one minute, then rinse. Pat dry.

Step 2.
Massage over Marine Collagen Body Lotion.

Step 3.
Before you walk out of the door,  add Silk Stockings to any limb or body part you want to add highlight. For us, that’s everywhere we can reach!


Limited Edition Acti-Labs T-Shirt : Sizes fit smaller than average.

Collections: Body Care
Shipping weight: 24.69 oz.





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