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Selfie Kit


Snap a selfie and share your favourite looks to start a business! This is a Limited Edition Kit following on from our very popular makeup Junkie Kit. Armed with mascara, lipstick & more; you have everything you need to make epic transformations. With a makeup kit to rival any makeup artists could soon have a band of Acti-Addicts queuing up at your door.

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Slim Bassador


As a Slim-bassador, you know how hard it can be to diet. You´ve felt those hunger pangs, you´ve had your hard days. Now, you can show people it doesn´t have to be this way. Loaded with your little purple secret weapons you can help make your friends, family´s and customers dieting easier, more fun and boost their results!

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Body Sculpter

As a Body Sculpter you will soon be the talk of the town. You have the most sought after power, the ability to sculpt the bodies of your friends, family and customers right before their eyes. Remember...... with Great Power comes Great Results!

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Skin Thusiast


As a Skin-thusiast you will quickly become your local skincare super hero. Saving customers skin from the inevitable elements and other problematic complaints that haunt them. They will think you´re the real Wonder Woman when you leave them with Cosmeceutical skin care products at laboratory direct prices!

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Hair Ologist


As a Hair-ologist, locks are your fortune. You know the importance of investing time into your hair as after all, it´s the crown you never take off. Capill-fuelled, you´ll have everything you need to rescue, revitalise and accelerate the tresses of everyone you know. Maybe your life isn´t perfect but your hair can be.

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As an On-Trepreneur, you´re the ultimate online entrepreneur. As long as you have your phone and a Wi-Fi connection, you have all you need to build your empire.

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