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Hair-Ologist Kit


As a Hair-Ologist, locks are your fortune. You know the importance of investing time into your hair as after all, it´s the crown you never take off. Capill-fuelled, you´ll have everything you need to rescue, revitalise and accelerate the tresses of everyone you know. Maybe your life isnt perfect but your hair can be.


Worth £82.50 -  $101.50  -  $128CAD

Slim-Bassador Kit


As a Slim-Bassador, you know how hard it can be to diet. You´ve felt those hunger pangs, you´ve had your hard days. Now, you can show people it doesn´t have to be this way. Loaded with your little purple secret weapons you can help make your friends, family´s and customers dieting easier, more fun and boost their results!


Worth : £150  - $189  -  246CAD

Makeup-Junkie Kit


As a Makeup-Junkie you have the power to transform a look with the swipe of a brush. Armed with mascara, lipstick & more; you have everything you need to make epic transformations. With a makeup kit to rival any makeup artists´ could soon have a band of Acti-Addicts queuing up at your door.


Worth : 127  -  $160  -  $208CAD

Skin-Thusiast Kit


As a Skin-Thusiast you will quickly become your local skincare super hero. Saving customers skin from the inevitable elements and other problematic complaints that haunt them. They will think you´re the real Wonder Woman when you leave them with Cosmeceutical skin care products at laboratory direct prices!


Worth: £139.50  -  $187.50  -  $241CAD